17 July, 2012

Ansilta Grizas presents “Memories in Antarctica”

Ansilta Grizas en la Antartida

Ansilta Grizas, a 24 year old fron San Juan, Argentina, and her boyfriend Federico Peretti, left in mid-February to Antarctica in order to portray the continent in a film. They were selected from 250 projects presented at the “Art and Culture” program, by the Argentinean National Antarctic Direction.

Samsung Argentina presented “Memories in Antarctica” (“Memorias en la Antártida”), a video chronicle of a trip to the southernmost place in the world, captured digitally and stored in memories of 32GB.

Photographers Ansilta Grizas and Federico Peretti traveled to Antarctica in the Argentinian 2011-2012 summer campaign as part of the cultural program of the National Antarctic Direction of Argentina. On their return they edited 5 episodes with material recorded in their memories.

If you want to know more about their trip, you can check out our interview with Ansilta

Here you can see the first video of the series:

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