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25 September, 2012

Argentina calls for proposals for art residencies in Antarctica

Andrea Juan Sur Polar

The Culture program of the Argentinean National Antarctic Direction opened the opened the call for proposals for national and international artists who want to work on the Antarctic continent. 

The vastness of Antarctica is one step closer to the artists who dream to capture the Continent in their work. The Culture program of the National Antarctic Direction opened the call for national and international artists interested in making an art residency in Antarctica.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to travel to Antarctica for 25 to 40 days and visit the Argentinean Antarctic stations Marambio and Esperanza.

The trip will take place during the Antarctic Summer Campaign between January and March 2013, although these dates are always subject to weather conditions and the logistics within the white continent.

The call is open to all disciplines of aesthetic and thematic proposals must relate to the preservation of the environment and human interaction with the Antarctic territory.

Argentina will provide all transfers between Buenos Aires and Antarctica and accommodation and meals in the Antarctic stations.

International artists must present a letter of intention from the institution organization supporting the artist and a proposal related to the Antarctic subject matter. The artists can perform their work in the Antarctic or later in the country of origin.


Proposals may be submitted until 15 October. Further information can be requested to culturalesdna@gmail.com and culturales@dna.gov.ar.

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