Base Dr. Alejandro Carlini Antartida ArgentinaJubany is Argentina’s main scientific station in Antarctica. It is located in a hot spot of biodiversity and one of the areas with most research activities in the Antarctic Peninsula. The station has a laboratory, a cinema and diving facilities. It lies on the coast of the 25 de Mayo Island near stations from our countries.

 Country: Argentina

Location: 62º14’ Lat. S y 58º40’ Long. W

Average temperature: -5

Jubany is located in the southern coast of 25 de Mayo island, in theShetland Islands, where there are more than 10 stations from different countries.

Although it is one of the less famous Argentinean stations in the continent, it is where the biggest number of scientific activity takes place. There are studies on oceanography, glaciology, biology and ecology amongst others.

Base Jubany Antártida

The high amount of scientific activity is because the area around Jubany station is one of the marine environments with more diversity and productivity. It is a rich area to study Antarctic species.

The station has laboratories, boats, aquariums and modern equipment for scientific development.

Although the biggest number of research projects takes place during summer, many activities are also carried out non stop during the whole year. Some of them take place with international cooperation betweenArgentinaandGermanyandItaly.

In 1994, the Argentinean Antarctic Institute and the Alfred Wegener Institute fromGermanyopened the Dallman Laboratory, an international research centre, administrated since then by both countries.

Some history

Argentinais present in Pottter Cove since 1953 when it established the Potter Cove Shelter. During the following years, the facilities where improved and in 1955 the station officially opened as Teniente José Jubany Station, after a pilot who died in a plane crash in 1948.

Since 1982, the station is operated by the National Antarctic Direction and for the last years, it has been supported by the army that provides most of the personnel that stays over the winter.

 Diving under the ice

Buceo en la AntartidaJubany is the only Argentinean station in which there are divers. A group of army divers submerge in the cold Antarctic waters to study underwater marine life and pik samples of the sea bottom. Swimming under the ice allows them to see some of the most primitive and impressive species of the animal world.

Diving under the ice inAntarcticarequires some special security measures. Before getting into the water, it is necessary to know the area, measure the ice thickness and accurately mark the security area where the diving is going to take place.

The hole for the diver to go through has to be triangular and have wooden borders for support. Over it, divers place a structural tent for the radio equipment and, as a security measure, a snowmobile is placed facing the infirmary in case of an accident.

First Antarctic cinema

Not everything is science in Jubany. Since 2005, the station host the world’s  southernmost cinema.

The movie theater opened with the screenin of the award winning argentinean movie “Luna de Avellaneda” for the members of the station and special guest that travelled by ship from Ushuaia.

The 53 seats of the cinema are opened the members of the 10 stations of different countries in the island to enjoy not only argentinean movies but also the ones suggested by the other coutries.