29 January, 2016

(Español) Un bar en el medio de la Antártida

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El bar de la Base Vernadsky en la Antártida

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21 May, 2015

(Español) Cómo será la nueva base Comandante Ferraz

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Base Comandante Ferraz

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22 April, 2012

Maldonado Station will be permanent

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It was announced by the Director of the Antarctic Institute of Ecuador. Maldonado station operates during the summer season since it was opened in 1990. It would begin to operate 12 months a year in 2016. Leer nota completa »

17 April, 2012

Uruguay closes the 2011 -2012 Antarctic expedition

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Base Artigas Uruguay Antartida

The last flight to connect Uruguay and Antarctica for the following six months took off this morning from Montevideo. A team of 8 people with keep Artigas station opened and working until next summer.  Leer nota completa »

25 February, 2012

Comandante Ferraz station in Antarctica caught fire

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Base Comandante Ferraz

Two people died because of the fire in the Brazilian Antarctic research station. Victims were evacuated by helicopter to the Chilean Frei station and will fly to Punta Arenas in an Argentinean Air Force plane. Leer nota completa »

18 January, 2012

Uruguay starts new scientific expedition in Antarctica

Operation “Antarkos XXVII” flew yesterday from Uruguay carrying scientists and military men that will work in Artigas station. Leer nota completa »

7 January, 2012

Chile enlarges Antarctic stations

[:es]Base Profesor Julio Escudero (Foto: INACH) [:en]Profesor Julio Escudero Station (Photo: INACH)

Buildings in “Profesor Julio Escudero” and “Arturo Prat” stations in the Antarctic Peninsula will be refurbished to expand scientific areas.  Leer nota completa »

5 January, 2012

China continues the construction of Kunlun station

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Kunlun Station - Base Kunlun (Foto: Xinhua)

A group of Chinese explorers and scientists arrived today to the highest peak of the Antarctic Plateau, where they will conduct glaciology studies and continue the construction of Kunlun station. Leer nota completa »

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