15 July, 2012

SCAR and COMNAP meetings opened in Portland

Año Polar Internacional 2012

Scientists and members of Antarctic programs from all over the world gather this week at the United States to discuss about Antarctic Science and the challenges of conducting polar research.


Climate change, its effect on Antarctica and the impact of human presence in the continent will be the big issues addressed this week at the 32° SCAR Meeting and Open Science Conference. For the following days, experts from all over the world will share their discoveries, researches and experiences in Antarctic Sciences.

At the same time, the heads of the National Antarctic Programs will also gather together to discuss the future of their activities in Antarctica at the 24° COMNAP Annual General Meeting.

For the past years, both COPMNAP and SCAR have started a series of public events parallel to their annual meetings which offer young scientists and researchers from other areas to get in touch with the best practices on Antarctic research.


The SCAR Open Science Conference is an open, public, event for the general public and scientists from any area of expertise to get in touch with what is going on in the coldest end of the world and to learn about the best practices going on around Antarctic Science. These years themes are Antarctic Conservation Challenges in a Century of Change; Past, Present and Future Climate Evolution; and Evolution and Biodiversity in Antarctica.

Te complete program can be found at the XXXII SCAR and Open Science Conference website.

Together with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), SCAR has organized a series of workshops and panels for students and young researchers focused on career development. Venues and schedules can be checked at APECS website.


The Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs celebrates its 24º annual meeting together with a workshop on Innovations in Antarctic Communications, to consider the current and future communications options available to Antarctic operators and whether improvements can be achieved by working with commercial suppliers.

The COMNAP symposium “Sustainable Solutions to Antarctic Challenges”: Supporting Polar Research in the 21st Century, is a space for National Antarctic Program to showcase solutions to operate sustainable science support operations in Antarctica and to profile international perspectives on sustainability in polar environments.

Antarctic Perspectives — Connecting the Arts to Science

The local committee has prepared five “Science-Arts Rendezvous” of art and outreach activities related to Antarctica and science. The photo exhibition “Our Antarctic-images from the Great White South” shows Antarctica from the eyes of scientists more than 50 pictures taken by researchers at the white continent.

Every night a free access event will host scientists and artists for music, literature and movies encounters.

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