28 December, 2011

United States awards Antarctic support contract to Lokheed Martin

One of the US stations - Una de las estaciones de los EEUU (Foto: USAP)

The company will provide logistical support to the United States Antarctic Program for the operation and administration of all Antarctic research stations and science vessels.

After a long bid, the National Science Foundation, the agency managing the United States Antarctic Program has officially announced that starting 1º April 2012 the logistics and support to the US activity in Antarctica will be provided by Lokheen Martin.

The contract, for an initial period of four and a half years, can be extended up to 13 years for a value of U$S 2 billion. This includes all logistical support for research at McMurdo Station, Amundsen-Scott Station, and Palmer Station, as well as for field research on the continent and oceanographic research in the Southern Ocean.

This is the biggest contract for Antarctic logistics and involves around 3.000 people working inAntarcticaand on scientific ships.

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