Antarctica is the coldest, tallest and driest continent in the world. It is the last continent to be discovered by men and the only one that has no permanent inhabitants.

Antarctica is pure nature. It is an open sky laboratory. Although it may seen like an enormous dessert, Antarctica is nature in pure state. Its geography, flora and fauna, form one of the most pristine and unique ecosystems in the whole Planet.

Most life in Antarctica gathers in its coasts, mainly in the Antarctic Peninsula. There, it is easy to find from penguin to elephants seals and birds that feed themselves form the cold polar waters.

Antarcticais a continent. It is a14 million square kilometers piece of land covered by ice layers that can reach enough altitude to hide mountains. Underneath them, lie more than 170 sub glacial lakes which contain some of the most pristine water on Earth.

The most distinctive specie in Antarctica are penguins, especially Emperor penguin. This fascinating bird can reach 1,3 meter heights and is the only which lays eggs in the interior of the continent and during the extreme Antarctic winter.

But there are also other fascinating inhabitants inAntarctica. Whales, marine elephants, blue eyes petrels, and leopard seals are some of the natural inhabitants of this southern continent.

And we should not forget the flora. It is true that the most frequent surface is ice and snow, but the northern areas of the continent are also covered with the green color of moss and lichens.

Ice, in impossible to imagine shapes and sizes, crown this amazing continent. From the country sized ice barriers, to the colorful iceberg which float in the southern ocean, water in its frozen state dominates Antarctica.

In this section you will be able to fin information on te amazing components of the Antartic nature that make it such a unique continent.