King Penguin



King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) are the second largest specie in the world. They are known for the yellow color of the feathers in the neck area and their size, which makes them very similar to the Emperor Penguin, the biggest of all penguins.

King Penguins weight 12 to16 kg. and measure about90 cm. The main difference with their big brother the Emperor Penguin is that they live in the subantarctic region, breeding mainly in the subantarctic islands. They are rarely seen in the interior of the Antarctic continent and when swimming they do so in ice-free waters.

They eat small crustaceans, fish, krill and plancton. When breeding they tend to look for isolated places near the beach. Just as the Emperor Penguin they lay one single egg which they incubate alternating between both parents holding it between the feet and pouch. Young chicks grow during winter by the shelter of the male parent while the female gets food.

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