5 January, 2012

Piñera and Mujica will travel to Antarctica

Piñera encabeza la Reunión del Consejo de Política Antártica

The presidents will fly to 25 de Mayo Island where both countries have research stations. Piñera traveled last year with the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister, Alfredo Moreno announced today after the Antarctic Policy Council Meeting that the Chilean president will travel to the Antarctic continent with his peer fromUruguay, José Mujica, between January 13 and 15.

The meeting, that every year gathers national authorities to discuss issues related toAntarctica, was conducted by President Piñera.

Minister Moreno announced the presidential trip and expressed the interest of his country to increase the presence towards the interior of the Antarctic continent.

“Chile has stations in the Antarctic Peninsula but they are all outside the Antartic Circle. We are evaluating different options to indentify the places where Chile can advance towards the interior of the Antarctic territory, specially in areas with impact in scientific matters”, said Moreno.

More tourism

At the same time, he announced President Piñera instructed the Council to enhance the Antarctic logistic activity inPunta Arenas and Puerto Williams and that they are evaluating the possibility of creating new regulations to increase the touristic activity from those cities to Antarctica.

Chile is one of the main access points to the white continent. For the last years, the country has intended to enhance the economic activity related to Antartic tourism and attract part of the cruises that nowadays sail to Antarctica from Ushuaia.

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