6 March, 2012

Argentina renames Jubany station as “Alejandro Carlini” Station

base Dr. Alejandro Carlini Antartida Argentina

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced it in the celebrations of the Antartic Day. The members of the first Argentinean Expedition to the South Pole where also distinguished.

The main Argentinean research station in Antarctica was renamed after scientist Alejandro Carlini, who worked for 20 years in the Argentinean Antarctic Institute and passed away in December 2010. As from today, Jubany will be known as Alejandro Carlini Station andJubany Meteorological Center.

The station is located in the Potter Cove, surrounded by a hot spot of biodiversity in the 25 de Mayo Island in the South Shetlands. It is the main Argentinean research facility in the continent and one of the most active during the summer season.

Dr. Carlini, who studied Biology in theUniversityof La Platawas Doctor in Natural Sciences. He devoted more than 20 years to study life in Antarctica and was the representative of the Natural Sciences Department of the Argentinean Antarctic Institute before SCAR.

Carlini is now the only Argentinean research station named after a scientist. The other research stations are called after the places where they are at or national heroes.

The idea of changing the name of the station was announced almost a year ago during this celebrations for the 107 year of Argentinean presence in Antarctica by the National Antarctic Director, Mariano Memolli.

First Argentinean Expedition to the South Pole

During the ceremony, President Cristina Kirchner awarded General Jorge Leal who led the first Argentinean Expedition to the South Pole. Leal was accompanied by the surviving members of the expedition who were applauded by everyone present.

The expedition, also known as Operación 90º, connectedArgentina’s southernmost station Belgrano II with the South Pole in 1965.

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