Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty

With the objective of assuring the availability and transparency of all the material produced within the Consultative Meeting, the member countries agreed the creation of the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat.

It is an administrative organism that organizes the Consultative Meetings that take place every year and compiles and prints the final reports.

The Secretariat opened the doors in 004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In between sessions, the Secretariat coordinates the activity of the work groups that gather together experts from all the countries, specially the Committee for Environmental Protection.

At the same time, the Secretariat is a place of reference to obtain and exchange information for the member countries. Since it was created, it has gathered and organized all the measures, decisions and recommendations taken in the meetings and keeps a record of the effects in the Antarctic ecosystem caused by human activity that the countries register.

The Executive Secretary is Manfred Reinke, a German marine biologists and former Scientific Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute.

For further information, the website of the Antarctic treaty Secretariat is