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18 January, 2012

Uruguay starts new scientific expedition in Antarctica

Operation “Antarkos XXVII” flew yesterday from Uruguay carrying scientists and military men that will work in Artigas station.

With the departure of the first flight to Antarctica, Uruguay began this week the activity of the summer campaign in Artigas station.

The scientists will remain in Antarctica during the summer season to study the geography, the environment and the impact of human activity on the 25 deMayo Island ecosystem.

As part of the GIANT project of the geosciences group of  SCAR, Uruguay plans to establish a High Precision Geodesic Infrastructure to collect information for a database that will be available for all countries.

Another team will study the composition of the microbe communities in the 25 de Mayo Island soil under different environment conditions and will register de effects of human activity on certain microbe groups in Antarctic waters.

As part of the microbiology program, researchers will look for new bacterial enzymes and will collect microorganisms capable of producing exproteases active at low temperatures.

It is expected that the Uruguayan Army vessel Vanguardia will arrive in a few days to Artigas station to provide it with fuel and all the necessary equipment for the winter stay over.

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